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Vahan Bayburdyan, the prominent specialist of Iranistics of modern Armenia is already 85.
The scholarly image of V.Bayburdyan distinguish fundamental studies. His interests are multilayered including, besides familiar Iranistics, also the history of the Ottoman empire and Turkey, the Kurds, Armenian-Iranian, Armenan-Turkish and Armenian-Kurdish relations. Some of the monographs of V.Bayburdyan were published in abroad, in Russian, English, Persian. Thorough knowlege of world history makes his studies a benchmark to follow.

V. Bayburdyan is a brilliant mentor. He had contributed much in preparation of future Iranists. About twenty young specialists had passed his school.
The editorial board of «Fundamental Armenology» congratulates Vahan Bayburdyan with the 85th anniversary, wishes him good health and new fundamental studies.

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